Newly Released Cruella Amaro and J. Carver Wheat Whiskey 100 proof

Cruella and Wheat release photo.jpg

It’s always exciting to bottle new J. Carver spirits for the very first time - and we have 2! Introducing Cruella Amaro: a bitter/sweet Italian-style herbal liqueur and J. Carver 100 proof Wheat Whiskey.

Cruella Amaro has been one of our favorites to develop, and now it can be one of your favorites at home too! Cruella Amaro is an herbal liqueur made at J. Carver Distillery that is commonly consumed as an after-dinner digestif. It has a bitter flavor with a perfect kiss of sweetness. It is rye whiskey based, and infused with a blend of many herbs, spices and roots, including gentian, saffron, hyssop, rose hip, sweet and bitter orange, chamomile and galenga, with several other botanicals to balance the many complex flavors. Enjoy the many tasty herbal flavors of Cruella on its own or use with our Sevilla Liqueur to elevate amazing flavors when making your Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Whiskey Sour. Stop out and try a tasty libation or check out our website for delicious cocktails using Cruella Amaro.

Cruella bottles during bottling V shape.jpg

Our newest release rounding out our line of whiskeys produced over the last 4 years is worthy of inclusion in every whiskey aficionado’s collection! J. Carver 100 Proof Wheat Whiskey is a sophisticated whiskey that offers the rich, robust flavors of local Minnesota winter wheat. This 100 proof spirit has a mash bill of 71% local MN winter wheat, 20% MN corn, 9% malted barley, & has been aged for at least three years in charred oak barrels coopered in Minnesota. Available in the J. Carver Cocktail Room and Marvel Bar now.

Wheat whiskey 100 proof bottling labels.jpg

These two J. Carver spirits were released this week during Vinocopia’s Holiday Showcase at the Minneapolis Event Center. Look for Cruella Amaro and J. Carver 100 proof Wheat Whiskey on liquor store shelves beginning this weekend. If you don’t see it on store shelves, please ask your local spirits retailer to bring it in; we always appreciate your local support.