3 Must-Try Holiday Cocktails Featured on Fox 9 Morning Show

Fox 9 Saturday Morning Show featuring J. Carver Barrel Gin, Apple Brandy and Sevilla Liqueur

Fox 9 Saturday Morning Show featuring J. Carver Barrel Gin, Apple Brandy and Sevilla Liqueur

After months of mild weather in Minnesota, this week's cold snap is a welcomed change! Here are 3 must-try Holiday cocktails  Featured on Fox 9 morning show just in time for your Thanksgiving FEAST! 

3 Must-Try Cocktail Recipes for the Holidays

Cocktail No. 1 highlighting J. Carver Barrel Gin
Barrel Gin Old Fashioned
2 oz J. Carver Barrel Gin
½ oz Rich Simple Syrup*
A dash of Easy & Oskey Aurora Bitters
In an Old Fashioned glass, add J. Carver Barrel Gin, Simple Syrup, and bitters. Add ice and stir. Garnish with a squeeze of orange and a cherry. 

*Rich Simple Syrup for J. Carver Old Fashioned (Perfect with J. Carver Bourbon, Rye and Apple Brandy as well!!!)
2 cups sugar ( 1 cup granulated sugar and 1 cup demerara sugar)
2 cups water
1 cup frozen organic cherries. (In season I used fresh cherries but hard to come by now)
¼ of a vanilla bean
1 cinnamon stick
1 Rosemary sprig
3 teaspoons Wild Flower Honey
1/4 of an orange

Put all ingredients in a pot. Heat for approximately 10 minutes over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Turn of heat and let cool. Strain syrup. Keep refrigerated in a clean jar for up to three weeks. 

J. Carver Barrel Gin is a whiskey lover’s gin.  This unique spirit is distilled from local grains, wild rice, and a medley of hand-selected botanicals including locally-grown everlasting clover, star anise, cinnamon, sweet orange peel and cardamon.  The gin then rests in white oak barrels made in Minnesota until a balance is achieved between the flavors from the botanicals and influences from the charred oak barrels. (96 proof)


Cocktail No. 2 highlighting J. Carver Apple Brandy
Spiked Hot Apple Brandy Cider
2 oz J. Carver Apple Brandy
1/4 oz Honey Simple Syrup*
4 oz Hot Local Apple Cider
In a glass coffee mug, add J. Carver Apple Brandy, Honey Simple Syrup and hot cider. Stir. Garnish with an orange, cinnamon stick and candied cranberries.

J. Carver Apple Brandy is Minnesota’s first Apple Brandy based on apples from Sponsel’s Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard in Jordan, Minnesota, about twenty miles from the distillery.  (90 proof)

Cocktail No. 3 highlighting Sevilla Liqueur
Sevilla Chocolate Cream Martini
2 oz J. Carver Sevilla Liqueur
1/4 oz Chocolate Syrup
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
3/4 oz Heavy Cream
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain in a martini glass. Garnish with shaved chocolate and candied ginger.
J. Carver Sevilla Liqueur offers a subtle blend of local J. Carver Wheat Whiskey aged in Minnesota Barrels with the addition of orange and vanilla. Enjoy sipping straight or try in a classic cocktail. (80 proof)

*Honey Simple Syrup: Heat equal parts honey and water in a small sauce pan over medium heat until dissolved. Cool to room temperature before using. 

As reflected in its name, J. Carver Distillery, located in Waconia, is a grain-to-glass distillery featuring a distinct, local flavor in all aspects of its business. Artisanal Minnesota Craft Spirits include Vodka, Gin, Barrel Gin, Bourbon, Rye, Apple Brandy, Grappa and Liqueurs. Looking forward to having you visit J. Carver Distillery soon!!! 

Martini Mondays at J. Carver Distillery

Martini Mondays at J. Carver Distillery

J. Carver Martini Monday
May in Minnesota is one of the most gorgeous months of the year. During winter, Minnesotans hibernate from the cold and wait for the days of summer. In May, the bees are buzzing, the tulips are in full bloom, and martinis at J. Carver Distillery are flowing. 
Have you seen Martini Monday? For those of you who have tuned in to view the video on our FB page, thank you! If you haven't had the opportunity, "Like" us on Facebook and watch Gina teach you how to create some of the tasty cocktails served in our cocktail room. Here are a few of the recipes. Get ready for some summer sipping. 


Discover J. Carver Distillery's Minnesota Rye Whiskey

Discover J. Carver Distillery's Minnesota Rye Whiskey

Minnesota is a significant producer of rye and our rye whiskies continue to put Minnesota distilleries on the map.  Spicier and more robust than other whiskies, rye whiskey is differentiated by its mash bill which must contain at least 51% rye. Our J. Carver Rye Whiskey has a mash bill of 70% local rye from Clear Lake, Minnesota, and 30% corn selected from local farms close to the distillery. 

The Wait Is Over - It's Tour Time and So Much More

It has been a busy couple of months with lots of changes at the distillery. Historical photos adorn the walls in the tasting room and racks in the barrel room are filling up fast. Barrels, barrels, and more barrels. 

We opened our doors last week and were thrilled with all the distillery friends and fans, old and new alike, who stopped in for a tour and a taste.

Our tours provide a unique glimpse into the inner workings of our artisan distillery. You'll get a step by step overview of our grain to glass approach, from the mash tun to the custom copper stills to the barrel room. Our knowledgeable distillery staff will explain the differences between distilling brown spirits including our whiskey, rye, apple brandy, and grape brandy and white spirits like vodka, gin, and grappa. We are so proud of the collaborative work being done with our local wineries and breweries (more to come on that).

To top it off, you will enjoy a sampling of spirits or a tasting cocktail which is included in the tour. Stop in Saturdays in June from 12-5 pm for a Tour and Tasting or try a tasty J. Carver Specialty Cocktail. Tours start on the hour at 12, 1, 2, 3 pm. Book on-line at jcarverdistillery.com

Many have asked if the tasting room is open to stop in for a specialty cocktail made with our J. Carver Spirits. The answer is yes! Looking forward to seeing you!

Photo by J. Carver Distillery

Photo by J. Carver Distillery

All the action is not just here at the distillery.  J. Carver Barrel gin is taking the cocktail scene by storm and we couldn't be more proud!

Spoon and Stable

Robert Jones of Spoon and Stable is a spirits genius with the cocktails he is creating with private barrel #157 J. Carver Barrel Gin featured in Eater.com "Flower Power: 26 Rose Cocktails to Try This Summer - Eater". 

Photo by Spoon and Stable

Photo by Spoon and Stable

Coalition Restaurant

Just down the road in Excelsior Coalition Restaurant has mastered amazing cocktails with J. Carver Barrel Gin. Andrew knocks it out of the park with his J. Carver creations and the last visit was as amazing as the first. Coalition is hitting high notes with J. Carver Barrel Gin Barrel #206. Yes! Andrew creates amazing libations that keeps customers coming back for more. One of his signature cocktails with the J. Carver Barrel Gin is called the Water Street Smash - it's a must try!

Photo by Coalition Restaurant

Photo by Coalition Restaurant

Photo by J. Carver Distillery  After all this, who's thirsty? Stay tuned and until next time, keep an eye out for these delicious libations and stop by the distillery for a tour and a taste! We'd love to see you and show you what we are up to! J. Carver Distillery - Spirits of Discovery. Cheers!

Photo by J. Carver Distillery

After all this, who's thirsty? Stay tuned and until next time, keep an eye out for these delicious libations and stop by the distillery for a tour and a taste! We'd love to see you and show you what we are up to! J. Carver Distillery - Spirits of Discovery. Cheers!

Club Gourmand Cocktail Pairing at 6Smith Restaurant

Even though there is still a thick layer of ice on Minnesota lakes, it is melting fast on the eve of the vernal equinox. Happy Spring indeed! There's an air of anticipation and excitement at local restaurants around Lake Minnetonka as they gear up for the spring and summer season.

6Smith Restaurant in Wayzata recently hosted Club Gourmand, a group of businessmen who visit local restaurants once a month to enjoy the chef's latest creations. I was invited by this month’s hosts (Thanks Isaac and Chad) as a special guest to talk about J. Carver Distillery and our spirits portfolio. I had the joy of working with 6Smith events coordinator Carly Clark and Chef John Mullen pairing two of the four courses with cocktails made with J. Carver Barrel Gin and our J. Carver Premium Vodka. It was an amazing afternoon of tasty food, delicious libation pairings and a wonderful group supporting local businesses.

The starter course delighted the senses. Chef John made a perfectly seared Diver Sea Scallop with Apricot Mostarda Red Mustard Greens, and Dijonnaise. Mostarda is an Italian condiment made of candied fruit and a mustard-flavored syrup.  The J. Carver Barrel Gin Old-Fashioned complimented this plate perfectly. The sweetness of sea scallops and apricot was balanced by the earthiness and depth of flavor of the red mustard greens dressed with dijonnaise and paired beautifully with the citrus notes, smokiness and layered flavors from the botanicals interacting with the char and tannins from the barrel. The result, harmonious layers of flavors between this starter dish and the tantalizing flavors of the J. Carver Barrel Gin along with the other delightful flavors from the cherries, bitters, and orange in the old fashioned. (recipe is on our website)

Rock Shrimp, Honey Aioli, Crispy Prosciutto, Melon, and Red Watercrest adorned the second plate and wine was paired with this dish, Bonny Doon Albarino. I was asked what cocktail I would pair with this amazing dish for an option other than wine. I would enjoy a Vesper with this dish. A spin on the Vesper would be to take an ounce of the Albarino with an ounce of J. Carver Lake House Vodka, an ounce of J. Carver Grimm Farm Gin. Shake and serve in a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

The entrée, Grilled Hanger Steak, Porcini Mushroom Glaze, Snap Peas, Baby Carrots, and Spring Onions was paired with a glass of Rail 2 Rail Zinfandel with bright spicy acidity framing the red berry and pepper flavors in the wine.

Lastly, the Sweet Course was a Chocolate Torte paired with J. Carver Premium Vodka, served neat. When I first met with Chef John Mullen and had him taste our products, he said "This vodka is great neat! Let’s serve it up with the chocolate torte." Simply delicious.

Looking forward to the next pairing. Stay tuned friends and fans to #jcarverdrinks when we visit another fabulous Minnesota restaurant serving up J. Carver spirits! Cheers!