Happiness At The Happy Gnome

We have been out and about visiting restaurants who are creating tasty libations with J. Carver spirits. Tasty indeed and a very welcoming environment is what you will find when visiting The Happy Gnome! Delighted to imbibe, we ordered the "Gnome's Knees", a tasty cocktail made with J. Carver Premium Gin, Basil lavender simple syrup and a twist of lemon served on the rocks and paired it with spicy pork tacos. A must try! The combination was delicious and we were delighted to share with Emily and Rico and The Happy Gnome crew the news of our launch of a trio of new products - Lake House Ultra-Premium Vodka, Grimm Farm Ultra-Premium Gin, and the first barrel gin distilled in Minnesota: J. Carver Barrel Gin.

Our barrel gin has been getting a lot of attention with the number one question being "Barrel what?" Yes. Barrel gin. The best way we can describe it is it's a whiskey lover's gin! It's different than conventional aged spirits due to the limited time spent "resting" in Minnesota made bourbon barrels resulting in a spirit with the aromatics and flavors of a whiskey. The J. Carver Team has been thrilled with the response. People have been happily surprised by what they experience when tasting this unique spirit. This barrel rested gin is mellow and nuanced enough for sipping straight or reinventing classic cocktails. We invite you to sample all three new products at upcoming tastings around the Twin Cities.  Check out our event page for times and locations. And since it's almost Valentine's Day, why not make a date of it?

In the meantime, learn more about our process and what to expect from our J. Carver Barrel Gin, Lake House Vodka, and Grimm Farm Gin here. We look forward to your feedback, and to seeing you in our tasting room in just a few months. Until then, stay warm during this next cold snap, and raise a glass to exploring spirits inspired by a tradition of craft and curiosity. Cheers!