Puzzle Pieces - Renovation Project Is Nearing Completion

One of the best moments in a building renovation project is when all the pieces come together and everything starts falling into place. I know we are at this point in our process at the distillery because the “TASKS COMPLETED” column is longer than the “TO DO” list. From the receiving door to the production floor and the sampling room to the barrel house, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. I will be updating the gallery with photos of the cupola, the assembling of the sampling bar, the tile floors and the painting projects as well as all the other areas nearing completion over the course of this week. Thank you for all the support from our distillery friends, fans and family. We are nearing the end. It has been an incredible journey! A big shout out in celebration to all of you Dad’s on this special day! Just think, next year we look forward to raising a glass of J. Carver spirits in honor of all you do. Happy Father’s Day from all of us to you.