The Arrival of the Cupola – One Step Closer to Producing Spirits

The cupola is here! We are so excited for the arrival of this important 9 foot addition to the roof and building, as it will house the two sequential rectification columns which are 30 feet high with 21 bubbling plates each. (I know - say that three times in a row). These columns on our rectifying still are going to be gorgeous, impressive and efficient. Explaining the process of continuous distillation in a short blog is next to impossible, so we’ll save the in depth explanation when you visit for a distillery tour. But to take a shot at it, continuous distillation allows us to make our vodka and other J. Carver spirits efficiently. In fact, many distilleries use continuous distillation. Factors that make each distilleries products unique and taste differently comes from the raw materials used and the “proof” or the strength which their spirit is distilled. The raw material in our J. Carver vodka will be wheat, so the simplest explanation for the distillation process is the starch in the wheat must first be converted to fermentable sugars and those sugars are converted into alcohol through the distillation process. For those of you visiting all the local breweries, it’s all the same process except with distilleries, we are taking beer to the next level. We are so excited to be one step closer to producing and enjoying J. Carver spirits with you. Talking about our gin, whiskey and other products will have to wait for another day.