J. Carver rolls out Brickyard Bourbon, Runestone Rye, and Island View Brandy

Published April 18, 2017   By  Sun Patriot

Published April 18, 2017 

By Sun Patriot

The barrel room at J. Carver Distillery in Waconia. (Adam Quandt/The Patriot)

The barrel room at J. Carver Distillery in Waconia. (Adam Quandt/The Patriot)

J. Carver rolls out Brickyard Bourbon, Runestone Rye, and Island View Brandy

Fans of the craft spirits movement in Minnesota have a reason to celebrate.

J. Carver Distillery has announced the introduction of three handcrafted spirits, Brickyard Straight Bourbon, Runestone Straight Rye, and Island View Brandy. Each was distilled and aged in Minnesota barrels at the distillery’s grain-to-glass facility in Waconia.

Founded in 2013, J. Carver Distillery is focused on producing unique, hand-crafted spirits one batch at a time. In collaboration with Minnesota’s agricultural community, J. Carver spirits are formulated using locally-sourced ingredients such as winter wheat, rye, corn, malted grains, apple cider and now wine, resulting in the highest quality craft spirits.

“We are proud to introduce these straight whiskeys and Minnesota’s first brandy to our Minnesota customers,” said founder Bill Miller. “Non-chill filtered spirits including bourbon, rye, wheat and malted whiskies continue to be our focus at J. Carver Distillery. We believe it is important to show that unique whiskies and brandy can be made in Minnesota and by using the non-chill filter method, we enhance the smooth, flavorful quality of our whiskey.”

Brickyard Bourbon’s mash bill contains 71 percent corn, 20 percent red winter wheat, and 9 percent malted barley creating a very smooth Minnesota-based wheated bourbon perfect for those seeking a local Minnesota straight bourbon.

“Brickyard Straight Bourbon is a wheated bourbon, and Runestone Straight Rye is a 100 percent rye that has quickly become a favorite among our distilling team,” states Miller. “We are likewise proud to produce Minnesota’s first brandy, Island View Brandy. Working with local farmers and collaborating with Minnesota’s vintners is important to our team and is a critical part of the strategy of our distillery.”

“It’s a dream come true to launch these straight whiskeys and to produce the first ever Minnesota brandy made in collaboration with local Minnesota vintners. This brandy is based on cool climate grapes and aged in oak barrels coopered in Minnesota,” states Gina Holman, sommelier and founding partner of J. Carver Distillery.

Runestone Straight Rye is ideal for those who want to taste and experience a different expression of a Minnesota rye whiskey.

“This 100 percent rye reflects a mash bill of 86 percent Minnesota rye and 14 percent malted rye delivering a smooth, fruit-forward rye. “Runestone is guaranteed to be favorite alternative choice to the more robust rye whiskeys on the market,” continues Holman.

“These products showcase the future of J. Carver’s spirits of discovery approach highlighting Minnesota’s whiskey-based products which feature local Minnesota agriculture balanced by the expertise and creative thinking of the team at J. Carver Distillery,” said Holman. “We are thrilled to offer approachable whiskies and continue be on the forefront of the revival of craft spirits and showcase the micro-distilling industry in Minnesota. We invite consumers to visit their neighborhood liquor stores to shop or visit our distillery to sample our entire line of J. Carver spirits.”

Newly released J. Carver Distillery Brickyard Bourbon, Runestone Straight Rye, and Island View Brandy are available for wholesale purchase exclusively through Minneapolis-based distributor Vinocopia, Inc. Consumers can search the store finder at www.jcarverdistillery.com for retailers by city or zip code.