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Cocktails & Cuisine: Smacznego! Celebrating Kuchnia Polska! + Cocktailian!!!


It's time to take another trip with the J. Carver Cocktails & Cuisine series! On Thursday December 7th we will continue our food exploration with a journey through the flavors of Poland. Polish cuisine is rich with savory meats and delicious delicately spiced sauces, homemade noodles, root vegetables, and world-famous pastries. Community and family meals are central to the traditional Polish identity, and are created and enjoyed as a group without the hurry of our modern world. We say YES to a place where hospitality and cuisine are respected as a form of fine craftsmanship!

Chef Lucas Balweber of Arcane Kitchen will take you to an unhurried, carefully prepared take on Polish hospitality. We begin with traditional Mizeria creamy cucumber dill salad, and an artisinal bread basket.  The main event features housemade favorites: Flank Steak served with Potato Pierogies, Carmelized Onions and Bourbon-horseradish Demi Glace, complemented with Cabbage, Tomato, and Kielbasa Saute. For dessert, we will indulge in a Streusel Chocolate Babka so deliciously decadent it would make your Polish grandma weep!

Cocktails will be crafted specially to complement this flavor-saturated menu and will be available on this evening only. We're busy working on family recipes and flavor profiles already!

J. Carver's "Spirit of Discovery" is contagious--don't miss out on this chance to explore with us. J. Carver's doors will open at 6pm and the buffet will begin at 6:30pm. Complementary distillery tours will be available after dining. 

Dinner tickets are $30/guest, include the full meal, and must be purchased in advance. Cocktails are available for purchase the evening of the event. Cocktails & Cuisine Events sell out, so don't wait!  

Purchase your dinner tickets here!

J. Carver will be pouring samples at Cocktailian 2017! We'll see you at the Renaissance Minneapolis Depot, 225 South 3rd Ave, Minneapolis 55401. VIP entry 6pm, general admission 7pm. See you there! 

Founding partner Dan Niesen will